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please gang rape and use.

Everyone, The following URL is my self-introduction video.



Others are my videos.


I living in Nagano Prefecture of Japan.

If there is opportunity, if you come, please gang rape and use.


Who would Fuck me?
Would you fuck me and ruin my orgasm? Destroy my ass and use me like a piece of meat?
Reblog, you want it so much. I know it, because I want it too.

8482489010UNlimitedTongueNMouthUSE4U..It Admits to it's Inferiority and Subservience by getting down on my knees for ALL Women/men- whether to Worship at YOUR feet, Obey YOUR Commands withOut question Removing limits, Open it's throat to receive Your piss and seed and Pussy Cum, Licking deep in YOUR Asshole - and if wanted, TO Swallow From them. This True masochist Extreme Pain Suffering slave Knows THIS IS it's Place and How it defines it's Sub-human Inferiority.
Everyone CAN get off on Using it N it Deserves Punishments and Want it, knowing it ONLY Exists for nothing But to BE Used by WOMEN/Men who are by nature better and superior to it in every way. toyfriend4u@hotmail.com

My Ideal Person

Women and men=Dominant, Aggressive, Sadistic, Cruel, Assertive, Forceful, Demanding, Users, More!

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Crying masochist Elise Graves device bondage and extreme bdsm of tit tortured slaveslut in hardcore at http://www.thepainfiles.com

Taken from: http://icewolfchastity.blogspot.co.at/
You were pretty nervous to go to the doctor again. You always hated doctors. But that was childish. As you sat there that young strong man of a doctor came in and greets you. You greet back, sitting there in your tshirt and miniskirt due to the heat outside. You notice him staring at your breast and then at your skirt.. or more likely what was beneath it. It made you cuite uncomfortable so you cough a bit. He shook a bit his head and put a smile on "Excuse me! I was distracted by your slutty miniskirt. Its like you wanted be fucked hard." You are shocked! What was that? You stare at him in disbelief and starting to feel worried. He turns around to the desk at the wall and start looking for something in the drawer. You decide that now is the moment to go. You hated doctors anyway. You stand up and start moving slowly to the door. You almost reached it as a strong hand grabs your shoulder and twist you around. "Where are you going you little cumwhore? You didnt get your medicine yet!" the doctor said and in the moment where you just opened your bit he shoved that spider gag in your mouth harshly. It happened so fast you couldnt even react. Your mouth was forced to stay open while he closed the gag so thightly behind your head that it didnt move a millimeter. Finally you awaked out of your paralyze but it was too late. He was too strong and just put your hand aside. "You have a bit too much temperament. If I want to sell you we need to work on that!" As he said that he put that little capsule in your mouth which immediately broke in your mouth. It was really bitter and suddenly you lost your conscious. You woke up by a clicking sound. You were naked and tied with several leather streams on the chair. The click sound came from the smarthphone of the doctor taking pictures of you. "Oh you're awake! I just make some pictures for the customers. They want to see what a slave they buy. I need to make also a list of skills... what they are we are gonna find out now" He said as he opened his pants while you could only watch and wait ...
Agreed. Though remember to take care of it what you own.
Give it time in the chains and this is bound to happen.